Michelin-starred Restaurants

Costes (Budapest, Ráday street 4. Zip: 1093)

Website: http://www.costes.hu/en

From Apartment Sweet Budapest to Costes

In 2009, Costes was chosen the best restaurant of Budapest and Hungary, which recognition was followed by a Michelin star – the first one in Hungary – in 2010. We recommend the number one gastro-sanctum of Budapest for the celebration of special moments or impressing business partners. With its a minimalist, modern interior and its silverware and crystalware, Costes radiates elegant, 21st century bistro vibes. Its dominant colours are black, grey, silver and white.

Costes Dowtown (Budapest, Vigyázó Ferenc street 5. Zip: 1051)

Website: http://costesdowntown.hu/en

From Apartment Sweet Budapest to Costes Downtown

The sister restaurant to Budapest’s Costes eatery – the first in Hungary to earn a Michelin star – is the in-house dining destination of the premier Prestige Hotel Budapest in the center of downtown Pest, close to the Chain Bridge and the Basilica. Costes Downtown followed in the footsteps of its sister: in 2016 it was also rewarded with a Michelin star. Here Portuguese chef Miguel Vieira is increasing his focus on utilizing seasonal local ingredients to create artistically presented gourmet delicacies seven days a week, amid a sleek ambience reminiscent of the original restaurant but with a warmer appearance established by walls of natural wood and an incredible network of live plants on the wall, ceiling, and tables. Extraordinary Hungarian wines can accompany every dish.

Onyx (Budapest, Vörösmarty square 7-8. Zip: 1051)

Website: http://www.onyxrestaurant.hu/en

From Apartment Sweet Budapest to Onyx

The in-demand restaurant Onyx is found in the middle of downtown, in the Gerbeaud House in Vörösmarty Square, under the same roof with the world-famous confectionery. The furniture is ultra-elegant and stylish, the kitchen is stunningly ambitious. Onyx has a secure spot among elite, fine dining restaurants with its re-interpreted, extravagantly executed Hungarian dishes. Since 2011, it has been the second Michelin-starred restaurant of Budapest. A successful fusion restaurant with award-winning chefs in the heart of the city.

Borkonyha (Budapest, Sas street 3. Zip: 1051)

Website: http://www.borkonyha.hu/?lang=eng

From Apartment Sweet Budapest to Borkonyha Restaurant

Borkonyha is located in Sas Street, just a few minutes walk from St. Stephen’s Basilica. This restaurant/wine bar blends the functions of a French bistro, a Hungarian family restaurant, and a wine shop and bar. Its selection contains 200 types of mostly Hungarian wines by wineries small and large. The kitchen works with daily procured fresh ingredients, which also ensures variety. Chef Ákos Sárközi likes to draw inspiration from Transylvanian cuisine, but he is also familiar with Spanish, French and Italian methods. The kitchen is rich in flavours, the wine selection is wide and flexible, and the service is informal. Small wonder that the Borkonyha got a Michelin star in 2014!

Tanti (Budapest, Apor Vilmos square 11-12. Zip: 1124)

Website: http://www.tanti.hu/index.php

From Apartment Sweet Budapest to Tanti Restaurant

Tanti Restaurant opened in place of the former Bruno and Bruno, and will likely grow to become a grand master of rethought Hungarian dishes. The menu includes fish and seafood dishes with very interesting seasoning. The restaurant at the bottom of Hegyvidék Központ attracts guests – and its Michelin star in 2015 – with its precise and beautiful dishes and harmonious flavors. The name is a reference to “tánti”: an aunt with the best cooking, and the place itself has a pleasant and nice atmosphere.

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