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Robinson Restaurant (Budapest, Városligeti lake Zip: 1146)


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The Robinson is located on a small island, in the most beautiful park of Budapest. After we opened the restaurant in 1989, it quickly earned popularity among the citizens of the capital as well as the tourists. Numerous great celebrities – Schwarzenegger, Stallone, David Bowie and Van Damme to name but a few – have tasted the delicacies prepared in our kitchen.

Búsuló Juhász Restaurant (Budapest, Kelenhegyi street 58. Zip: 1118)


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The restaurant opened in 1937 as a rest-house. It took almost 30 guest-full years to put on a brand new garment. The new gown made history since the bar of the restaurant was the only one in the city which had music and dancing possibilities till the morning. The young and luxurious life of the Búsuló Juhász ended in 1992 when a new spectacular revolution began. The ancient building was demolished and from its ruins a new building has been raised.
Through our terraces we can offer a unique panoramic view and fascinating scenery which supplements the tastes of our meals and beverages, our guests can enjoy not only indulge their taste buds but their eyes as well.

Dunacorso Restaurant (Budapest, Vigadó square 3. Zip: 1051)


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The Dunacorso Restaurant is situated at the heart of Budapest, at the city’s most spectacular pedestrian walkway on the bank of the River Danube. This walk-way has a special atmosphere determined by the view of the river. In 1937 Sándor Márai Hungarian writer described it as follows: „Then what is this Danube-walkway?” For the time being, it is a dozen of cafés with music, beautiful ladies, urban guests, terraces and the appropriate wonderful view: the Castle, Gellért Hill and the bridges.

Bábel restaurant (Budapest, Piarista köz 2. Zip: 1052)


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Babel Budapest is a Hungarian regional fine dining restaurant, which is quite convenient to become your favourite spot and special enough to become a noted station. It provides an unprecedented fine dining experience in Budapest. It focuses on regional cuisine with isnpirations of local traditions, but it fits in today’s international expectations. 75% of the raw material comes from Hungary, just like the equipment and accessories of the restaurant . Our guests are not only visiting because of the excellent food, but also for the experience , which gives you wonderful moments and revives forgotten memories. You can share your joy with the family or fulfill their desires , celebrate with friends or turn an everyday moment into a special event!

Manna Euthentic Longue (Budapest, Palota street 17. Zip: 1013)


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Manna is an elegant restaurant in the side of the Castle Hill, atop with a singular view. The place has an authentic lounge feel to it; inside, there’s a stylish and trendy bar, outside it has a pleasant terrace for long dinners. The menu lists Italian pasta variations, the best French dishes and the cream of Hungarian cuisine. The wine selection includes French and Hungarian bottles both.

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